Whether you’re paving a driveway or parking lot, putting in a walkway, building a patio, repairing a street or backfilling a trench, success starts with compacting the earth and any material you’re laying down. Compacting the ground surface helps avoid shifts caused by moisture or pressure that can result in an uneven surface. You also want to avoid over-compacting, which can compromise the strength of the soil.

To get the right foundation for your project, you’ll need the right plate compactor. Plate compactors exert force on the ground using a large plate, usually made from steel, that vibrates rapidly. The force compacts the soil and the vibration encourages the grains to move closer together, eliminating air pockets and providing tighter compaction.

Plate compactors are good for compacting granular soils such as gravel, sand, stone dust and 2A aggregates (sandy gravel). They can also be used on cobblestones and paving blocks.



    • Special contoured running surfaces and rounded edges provide maximum performance and maneuverability.
    • Completely enclosed belt protected by a lightweight belt guard for reduced wear and minimal service.
    • Newly designed “low-vibration” guide handle greatly improves operator comfort and minimizes operator fatigue.
    • Heavy-duty shock mounts on engine console dampen vibrations thereby reducing wear on the components.
    • Exciter bearing design requires minimal maintenance for improved productivity.
    • Single direction plate compactor gas powered
    • Ergonomically designed lifting handles offer easier loading and unloading for operator during transport.
    • Improved water tank design with larger capacity and filler hole provide higher productivity.Wacker Neuson VP1340A 23″ x 15,5″ Vibratory Soil Plate
      • Designed for compaction in confined areas of granular soil in narrow trenches.
      • Ideal for curbs, gutters, around tanks, forms, columns, footings, guard railings, drainage ditches, gas and sewer works and building construction.


    Description Inch
    Length x width x height 40 x 1.5 x 35 in
    Lowest working height 26.5 in
    Size of base plate (L x W) 23 x 15,5 in
    Operating weight 163 lb
    Compacted area (soil) up to 5,900 ft2/h
    Forward speed (soil) up to 75 ft/min
    Gradeability up to 30 %
    Vibration frequency 5,800 vpm
    Max. centrifugal force 2,925 lb
    Engine Type air-cooled, 4 cycle single cylinder, gasoline engine Honda
    Type Honda
    Displacement 9.9 in3
    Max. power 5.5 hp
    at 3,900 rpm
    Rated power output 5 hp
    at 3,600 rpm
    Fuel tank capacity 3.9 US qt
    Fuel consumption 1.9 US qt/h
    Power Train Power transmission from engine via centrifugal clutch and V-belt onto exciter which transmits centrifugal force onto baseplate.

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3-hr, Daily

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