The last word in drinking ice-cold draft homebrew on-the-go, this dual-tap draft box chills your beer as it passes through the cooler for a perfect pour no matter the outside temperature. Our efficient 48-quart high-impact chest with dense foam insulation is equipped with a two-circuit aluminum cold plate for rapid cooling into a surrounding ice water bath. Embedded inside the massive aluminum cold plate is 18 feet of stainless steel ¼” I.D. tubing for ease of cleaning.



  • Solid aluminum cold plates that contain grade 304 stainless steel coils.
  • This double box allows you to pour two different types of beer. It is perfect for the small house party where beer will be poured glass by glass.
  • Other equipment that you will need is: CO2 tank, double air cock regulator, two tapping fittings, two beer lines, and two air lines.
  • Remember, if you choose to use a cold plate, you must drain any excess water out of the box, to allow the ice to remain in constant contact with the cold plate, otherwise your beer will dispense as foam.
  • Also known as JOCKEY BOX

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