A cable locator or cable avoidance tool (CAT) is an instrument used for detecting the presence and approximate location of buried services in advance of undertaking excavation works. It aims to avoid accidents while excavating.



  • An incredibly versatile and field proven underground locator rental kit, the MAC-51BX can locate or trace almost any ferrous metal, power line, pipe, cable, or line break.
  • The receiver features three selectable modes, magnetic, low frequency, and high frequency. Magnetic mode is used for locating underground energized power lines or ferrous metals without using the transmitter. In high or low frequency mode the receiver is used in conjuction with the transmitter for line tracing and detecting breaks. The transmitter outputs both the low and high frequencies simultaneously allowing frequencies to be switched on the fly from the receiver.
  • The transmitter can be hooked up in one of two ways. In inductive mode cables or pipes are energzied without any part of them exposed by simply laying the transmitter on the ground above the pipe or cable. Alternatively, inductive clamps are also included for direct connection.


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3-hr, Daily

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