A furniture dolly is used to carry heavy things – like your piano. Many furniture dollies have flat platforms with four wheels, making it easier to move large instruments such as the piano.



  • While designed for pianos these dual dollie trucks are a great solution for moving gun safes, appliances, vending machines, and many other uses. Especially designed with a spring-loaded plunger that allows swivel wheels to be locked for one-person operation or swivel in the unlocked position for two person operation.Simply place one truck at each end of the load, fasten the straps and press the foot-lever at each end to raise load for moving. The handles fold out of the way when not in use. Comes with (2) 7′ straps to hold your piano, organ, or other load in place. The casters “fully retract” off the floor to allow your load to rest on its own weight, will not skid or roll while moving.Price includes a set of 2 dual trucks with straps.• 800 lb capacity

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3-hr, Daily

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