A dolly tree servesĀ a transportation unit for heavy loads. Made of heavy-duty steel for strength and durability



  • WW MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. Best on the market! Made in the USA. Capacity of 2000LBS.
  • Product Features

    • Open back top design
    • Ball and Burlap lift design with rounded nose
    • Well balanced design
    • High strength steel tubing
    • Oilite wheel bearings
    • Double vertical frame tubes on each side
    • Solid 1″ steel axle and wide profile high capacity 16″ x 6.5″ tires.
    • Overall length: 7.5′
      Weight: 215lbs.
  • Product Benefits

    • Open back top design reduces risk of damage to tree trunks
    • Ball and Burlap lift designed to make moving trees quick and easy. The rounded-off nose is preferable for B & B
    • The balance of the truck eases the operation
    • The superior strength of the tubing resists bending under weight
    • Oilite bearings in the wheels outlast other bearings
    • The double vertical frame tubes provide exceptional strength
    • The standard axle and tires on all our nursery trucks hold up to your demands. The wide tires are easier to roll across turf

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