Concrete grinders used for applications such as leveling uneven joints. concrete floor grinders removes epoxies, high spots, mastics, thin-set

Grinder heads available for this unit:

  • PCD: $37.50 /3Hrs  $75.00 / Day
    • Application – Aggressive removal of: Paint / Epoxy / Thin Set / Urethane coatings and adhesives
  • 10 Segment Medium: $37.50 / 3Hrs  $75.00 / Day
    • Application – Light surface coating removal of: Repairing uneven, worn, or damaged concrete / Leveling high or uneven joints (Great for removing trowel marks and left over form edges)
  • 10 Segment Fine: $37.50 / 3Hrs   $75.00 / Day
    • Application – Used to score surface of smooth finished concrete to a non-slippery surface (or rough finish).



10″ Electric Floor Grinder

This Virginia Abrasive Grinder is a sturdy and reliable floor grinder that is easy to use. The unique shroud system easily adjusts to suit segment height and floor angle. It can be attached to a vacuum system to eliminate dust when grinding. The shroud has a removable section to enable the operator to grind near the wall. This machine features a water connection when wet grinding is preferred. Wheel- on unit are adjustable for even grinder head wear. This unit also has a foldable handle for easy transport and storage. (surface prep)

Electric Floor Grinder – 10 Inch

Operational Features:

1,730 RPM / 1.5 HP Electric Motor
Runs on 15 Amps
Direct Drive To The Plate
Morse Coupler
Automatically Adjusting Shroud
Removable Shroud Sections
Water Connection For Wet Grinding
Foldable Handle For Easy Transportation
Adjustable Wheels For Level Grinding
Vacuum Port
50 Foot 10 Ga. Electric Cord For Easy Mobility



Additional information


4-HR, Daily

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