A jamb saw is a special-purpose electric power saw that is designed to make undercuts around door jambs (casing at the bottom of the door). You will do these undercuts to slide in the laminate or wooden flooring below the door casing which will give it a clean appearance. Hence, they are also called undercut saws.

A jamb saw or an undercut saw is essentially a circular saw with its blade mounted on an arbor that is perpendicular to the body of the tool.



  • The Super Saw features a powerful 13 AMP motor and a compact design that can operate in tight areas such as closets or pantries. The saw can undercut doors in place, inside corners, and masonry walls and hearths. Blade height is adjustable from flush to the floor to as high as one inch. Doors as thick as 1 ¾” can be undercut without removal. The dust port can be attached to a vacuum (not included) for dust collection The retractable stabilizer produces smooth, solid feel under load.  Net weight: 19 lbs.

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