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  • Husqvarna K3600 Ring Saw General Info

    The K3600 is a power cutter with truly unique characteristics and performance. Because its blade is driven from its periphery, not its center, it can cut 10″ deep (260 mm) with just a 14″ blade! Its unique weight to power ratio and hydraulic power source makes it a hand-held cutter which is exceptionally efficient and easy to use.

    The world’s only power cutter that can cut 10″ deep with a 14″ blade!

    None of the depth limitations of blades driven from an arbor apply to this cutter. Off-center drive means the blade can cut almost as deep as its own diameter.

    To achieve a cutting depth of 10″ (260 mm) on a conventional power cutter you would need a blade diameter of 25-30″ (approx. 700 mm), which would be simply unmanageable on a hand-held cutter. (demolition, cutter, partner)

    A 10″ cutting depth is enough to cut right through a normal wall, and if cuts can be made from both sides of a structure, this cutting depth can naturally be doubled.

    The Husqvarna K3600 is hydraulic-powered, and completely modular in design for easy servicing. The entire design concept of this new Ring Saw makes for a genuinely efficient and easy-to-use cutter of very low weight.

    The drive system, a patented solution

    On the K3600 the blade runs on and is held in place by four lateral rollers. Two of these, the guide rollers, engage in a groove on the side of the blade, pressing it under spring tension forward and into a drive wheel. The drive wheel is powered by the hydraulic motor and has a V-shaped groove which engages with the blade, driving it rather as a pulley drives a V-belt. The other two rollers, backing rollers, hold the blade in place from the other side.

    The efficient power cutter, with countless applications

    The Husqvarna K3600 is a valuable alternative to wall saws and diamond chain saws, and is the ideal power cutter for a whole range of cutting jobs, particularly in work on refurbishment or extension projects. Common uses for this Concrete Ring Saw are when cutting openings for doors and windows, cutting ventilation shafts, stairwells, piles and foundations, plus countless other applications. The K3600 can cut through concrete, brick and similar materials, and can cope with reinforcement steel besides.

  • Husqvarna K3600 MK II Hydraulic Ring Saw Specifications
    Power (Hydraulic) 6 Hp / 4,400 W
    Pressure 2,200 PSI
    Flow Rate 10 gal/min
    Blade Size 14 inch
    Arbor Size Only Husqvarna Ring Saw Blades
    No Load RPM 3,000
    Depth of Cut 10 in
    Weight 18.3 lbs.





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