Want an Easy to Use Self-Contained Carpet Extractor? The FiveStar is a compact, self-contained carpet extractor with powerful brush agitation to effectively clean carpets, hard floors and grouted tile. It weighs only 40 pounds so it’s light enough for anyone to handle, plus the compact body design and fold-down handle make it a breeze to transport and store. The FiveStar self-contained carpet extractor is very easy to use with built-in solution and recovery tank that can be used as a portable bucket.



  • GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS To protect the operator from electric shock, EDIC equipped the machine with an approved three conductor cord and grounding plug. This plug is to be used with the proper grounding type receptacle. An adapter is available for connecting three prong type plugs to two prong receptacles. The green colored rigid lug extending from the adaptor must be connected to a permanent ground such as a properly grounded outlet box. Do not break or pull out the grounding prong on the plug because it protects the operator from electric shock. CLEANING TIPS ▪ Check the condition of the area to be cleaned. Look for loose carpet, heavily soiled areas, stains or spots and worn areas. Bring these to the attention of the person in charge before performing the cleaning job. Make sure all edges of the carpet are securely tacked in place and all seams are sewn (or glued) tight. This is your protection against shrinkage. ▪ Locate an inconspicuous spot on the area to be cleaned. Test carpet for colorfastness before proceeding. Pour the concentrated cleaning solution on the spot, cover with a white towel and place a heavy object on top to absorb the cleaning solution. Wait approximately 10 minuets for any reaction to take place. Remove weight. If there is no color transfer, it should be safe to clean. Apply this procedure if different color-texture carpet is seen in adjacent rooms or areas to be cleaned. ▪ Remove the furniture from the area to be cleaned. Large pieces can be moved to opposite end of the room from where you start cleaning and replaced when it is completed. After cleaning carpet, place a small square of aluminum foil under the furniture legs to prevent moisture from damaging the finish and avoid dye and rust from transferring to the carpet. ▪ Clean the area with an upright vacuum. DO NOT USE THIS MACHINE AS A DRY VACUUM! Heavily soiled carpet or areas of concentrated foot traffic should be treated with recommended pre-spotting or pre-spray chemicals. I f a spotter is used, follow label directions exactly. Do not allow any spotter or pre-spray to dry on the carpet as it may damage the carpet permanently. ▪ Identify the type of carpet fiber to be cleaned. Most commercial carpet fibers in use are acrylic or nylon based. Best results in cleaning would be obtained if hot water is used to clean these fibers. On the other hand, hot water would shrink natural fiber carpeting, like wool and cotton in particular. Exercise caution when cleaning natural fibers by using cool water, testing for colorfastness and applying the least amount of cleaning solution possible. ▪ Plan your cleaning route. Start cleaning at the farthest point away from where you plugged the machine and work back towards the outlet so that the cord will not get in the way.
  • 1. PREPARE THE MACHINE Make sure the switch us in the “OFF” position and all hoses are connected. Using only approved cleaning solution, mix according to the bottle instructions and pour in the correct side of the bucket. To reduce foaming, pour 2 ounces of defoamer into the recovery bladder. Place bucket onto machine and close lid.
  • 2. TO CLEAN Turn switch to “CARPET” position. If the machine is an all floor model, turn the solution control valve located on the side of the machine to “CARPET.” Turn pump switch “ON.” While pushing the “ACTIVATE” switch, pull the machine as you step backwards. Release the “ACTIVATE” switch 6 inches before ending a stroke. Repeat cleaning stroke with 3” overlaps. Continue until cleaning solution is consumed. Empty and rinse bucket. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
  • 3. CHECK BUCKET LID If excessive foam appears in the lid, add 2 ounces of de-foamer or empty and rinse the bucket. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
  • 4. CLEAN MACHINE BEFORE RETURNING. Clean the lid filter screen and rinse out bucket. Wipe all surfaces including the bottom of machine. Remove carpet lint and strings from brush and vacuum nozzle.
  • TO CLEAN UPHOLSTERY Cleaning upholstery with success requires a good knowledge of the type of fabric to be worked on. Look for the cleaning label sewn on the underside of the furniture for the recommended method of cleaning the fabric. If it calls for dry cleaning, do not attempt to clean with the wet extraction method. Otherwise, damage to the fabric could occur. Extraction works on most synthetic fibers. Before proceeding, test fabric for colorfastness. Pour a small amount of cleaning solution on the fabric in an inconspicuous spot. Rub the area with a white terry towel. If no color comes off the towel, the fabric should be safe to clean. If color transfers, do not continue.
  • 1. PREPARE THE MACHINE Complete Step 1 under Carpet Cleaning Instructions using approved Upholstery Cleaning Solution. Disconnect the vacuum hose with black hose cuff from the lid and disconnect the solution hose from the back of the machine. Replace them with the upholstery hoses.
  • 2. TO CLEAN Turn switch to upholstery position. If the machine is an all floor machine model, turn the solution control valve located on the side of the machine to “CARPET.” Turn pump switch “ON.” Depress upholstery tool trigger while pulling tool across upholstery surface with overlapping strokes. To speed drying go over the upholstery without depressing the trigger. Continue cleaning until cleaning solution is consumed. Empty and rinse bucket. Repeat Step 1 and 2.
  • 3. CHECK BUCKET LID See Step 3 under “To Clean Carpet.”
  • 4. CLEAN MACHINE BEFORE RETURNING See Step 4 under “To Clean Carpet.”

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