The Vermeer ATX720 compact articulated loader is designed with a combination of power, speed and agility. With a telescopic boom, heavy lifting capabilities and integrated backweights, this machine was built for a variety of jobs. It has Four-wheel drive hydrostatic direct drive motors which help the machine in difficult conditions, it will also help with keeping your lawns safe from tearing up the grass! We also have a variety of attachments that can come with this machine including a bucket, grappler, auger, and forks! The video below will tell you much more about the Vermeer ATX720. 

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*FORKS $40.00 DAILY*




Having trouble deciding on which machine is best for your job? The video below may help you decide which is best for you!




Telescopic Boom:

The telescopic boom on the ATX720 extends 29.1 in (73.9 cm) for loading materials to a dump height of 114 in (289.6 cm) in hinge pin height. The telescopic boom can also aid in dumping material over the back of a retaining wall or grabbing material over an obstruction.

Multifunction Joystick:

The multifunction joystick utilizes electric-over-hydraulic toggles for ease of access to machine functions like the telescopic boom, auxiliary hydraulic controls, and the DBS. The operator does not have to remove their hand from the loader arm controls to function any of these features.

Lift-Capacity-to-Weight Ratio:

The ATX720 has a rated operating capacity of 2,155 lb (978 kg) while having a standard weight of 3,911 lb (1,774 kg). This lift-capacity-to-weight ratio allows contractors to use a lighter machine while still being able to carry heavy materials on the jobsite.

Compact Size:

With narrow tires, the ATX720 is 44.5-in (113-cm) wide, while the wider tires make the machine 50.4-in (128-cm) wide. The standard tire configuration allows the ATX720 to fit through a standard 4-ft (1.21-m) gate for backyard access on landscape jobs.

Operator Comfort:

The adjustable seat and operator station layout allows operators to work comfortably for a full day. Options like a heated seat, enclosed and heated cab, and work lights add more comfort for year-round use of the ATX720.

Four-Wheel Drive Hydrostatic Direct Drive Motors:

As each wheel has a hydrostatic direct drive motor, hydraulic oil can flow freely to each wheel as needed during transport which helps reduce ground disturbance on turf when making turns. The four-wheel drive hydrostatic direct drive motors also allow for the use of the DBS and torque divider to increase tractive effort in difficult conditions.

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