• Dance the night away on this classic 12′ x 15′ Commercial Portable Wood Finish Dance Floor. These heavy duty portable dance floors are simple to install, utilizing tiles, beveled corners, and edges that lock together with SET SCREWS. This means that both assembly and tear down are a snap, with no glue or adhesives required.
  • Weddings and events: Dance floors are not just for aspiring performers. You can use dance floors at social gatherings, birthdays, weddings, and business events! Temporary dance floors are the perfect choice for anyone looking for comfortable, stylish, and durable floors that won’t get scuffed up after a night of having fun. If you’re a business owner, having your own portable dance floor is extremely cost-effective in the long-run.

  • EXPANSION PANELS (3’x 3′) – $15.00 EA












  • Portable Dance Floor: Each 3’x3’ (91cm x 91cm) wood parquet panel weighs only 40 lbs (18kg). and is protected by a strong aluminum edge trim for maximum durability. This floor has a set-screw locking system that features a unique screw-thread insert that secures the set-screw for maximum longevity.
  • Square Panels: Each 3′ x 3′ (91cm x 91cm) panel is manufactured perfectly square, which guarantees a perfect fit every time. Panels weigh 40lbs. (18 kg) each. Panels are shipped two per carton at 80lbs. (36kg) each. No odd sizes or panel order sequence to deal with in set-up or tear-down, allowing easier and faster set-up assembly.
  • High Quality Parquet: Solid wood inlaid parquet panels are carefully stained and protected by a durable polyurethane finish.
  • Protective Backer Finish: A high-grade polymer coating is added to the back of each panel to resist moisture.
  • Screw-thread Insert: Durable locking system with this unique insert that protects the set-screw for long life.
  • T-6 Aluminum Metal Edge Strip: Panels are joined together by utilizing a tongue and groove, T-6 aluminum feature strip that protects the wood edges of each panel.
  • Solid Floor Contact: All panels make 100% floor contact so there is no possibility of breakthrough. Eliminates the flexing of panels and keeps parquet from coming loose.
  • Gold Anodized Border Trim: Easy Floor Access – Each section of border trim provides a modest 11° slope and a broad 5″ (13cm) width allowing for easy access to every floor. Each trim piece is grooved to make it a slip resistant surface.

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