A heat gun is a versatile tool—and one of the best-kept secrets in an avid DIYer’s toolbox. These handy tools resemble hairdryers and operate in a similar way; pulling in air with a fan and then pushing it across a heated element and through a nozzle to produce heated air. The difference of course is that a heat gun generates super-heated air.

You can use heat guns to remove product labels or old bumper stickers, strip paint, heat-shrink plastic, soften glue, and apply vehicle decals. If you’re handy at plumbing, you can even use a heat gun to bend plastic piping, defrost frozen pipes, or loosen solder joints.



No. 995 Deluxe 1000° Heat Gun w/Case

This flameless electric heat gun can deliver hot air up to 1000°F for softening, forming, and more easily cutting sheet vinyl, VCT tile, and like materials. The adjustable intake cover controls output temperature between approximately 750°F – 1000°F. The high speed fan puts out 27 cubic feet per minute of hot air. The three way switch switches the gun between off, cold, or hot, with cold being used for properly cooling the element to extend its useful life. The replaceable mica element and brushes of this heat gun are some of the longest lasting available. Elements are easily replaceable without tools (replacement element: Part No. 1995-450). Comes with adjustable stand and protective carrying case. Operates on 120 Volts, 1800 Watts, 15 Amps. Net weight 7 3/4 lbs.

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