•  The closet auger is probably one of the most useful plumbing tools a homeowner can buy for their home. It consists of a spring cable ending in a self feed auger head, at the other end is a handle. When the cable is inserted into the toilet the handle can be turned causing the end of the cable to break up a stoppage.  It comes in two sizes ½” x 3 ½ ft. and ½” x 6ft.  Buy the 6ft if you can afford it, the extra 2 ½”really comes

    Picture of a cutaway toilet with closet auger in use

    Closet Auger in Use

    in handy and can usually push the blockage to the main. Some of the limitations faced when using a closet auger are as follows:

    • The auger is used to clear stoppages in the toilet, because the longest auger is only 6ft, if your blockage is farther away the closet auger is useless.
    • The spring cable is fairly flexible so there may be some blockages it can’t work through.
    • You cannot change the head size or type.
    • Because a closet auger is manually turned your torque is limited by the person turning it. It isn’t meant for really tricky stoppages.

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